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Fully Automatic Omori Flow Wrapping Line – No compromises, only world-class machinery 

Product: Frozen dried yoghurt

Customer: Nutraceuticals provider

Production Rate: 300 per minute


Perfect Automation has installed its second high-speed fully automatic Omori line already this year! Previously achieving 140ppm on a manually-fed Omori Flow Wrapper, our customer required higher distribution of 300ppm for food sensitive products. High-speed specifications can be tricky to navigate with a lot of variants impacting achievable speeds. And with no compromises being our core belief, we have since upgraded our nutraceuticals customer to the Complete Aligning and Fully Automatic S-56000X-BXS High-Speed Box Motion Flow Wrapper system with Hermetic Sealing. Having undergone strict and strenuous testing criteria for light and difficult products, the packaging of frozen dried yoghurt weighing only 1g with a crumbly exterior was a challenge for only the best of the best in the packaging industry.  Achieving minimal testing criteria of 80kpa for 3 minutes in a leakproof finished pack was no easy feat. And with the high-density barrier film made up of 12µm PET, 7µm aluminium, 45µm LDPE for product protection, hermetic sealing technology allowed for optimal sealing of products adverse to moisture and oxygen with no impact to the high-speed distribution rate required.

Our Flow Wrappers are built for flexibility and operating for high distribution with even the toughest of packaging materials. Pack presentation is never compromised and food sensitive items can be packaged for long shelf life.

Omori have a long history of machine engineering and hold an outstanding reputation for their high quality machines that offer innovative solutions and dynamic designs. This is their speciality and Perfect Automation is proud to introduce our customers a better way of packaging. Learn more about Omori and our Flow Wrappers with a no-obligation quote. Make a difference to your packaging with an Omori.


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