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Don Smallgoods’ new resealable flow packs represent a significant advancement in sustainable packaging. In a groundbreaking move, Don Smallgoods is leading the way for change in the packaging industry. Highlighting their achievements, Don Smallgoods proudly took home the prestigious Hive Award for Best Package.

The company’s latest innovation involves transitioning from classic thermoforming packs to new resealable flow packs, resulting in a drastic reduction in plastic use. This change cuts down plastic by an impressive 50%, marking a significant step towards sustainability. The new flow wrap pack is not only environmentally friendly but also addresses consumer issues. Featuring a compact, resealable packaging design.

A key feature of the new packaging is the inclusion of an aqueous board designed to absorb any free liquid, keeping the product neat and preventing mess.

The benefits of Don Smallgoods’ innovative flow wrap packaging extends beyond plastic reduction. Compared to conventional packaging, the new technology of the Bellpack Machine reduces plastic waste by 50% but also uses 50% less energy. This advancement makes the entire production-to-consumption process more energy-efficient, aligning perfectly with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

By reducing plastic use, cutting energy consumption, and enhancing consumer convenience, Don Smallgoods is setting a benchmark for the industry. This innovation not only meets the current demands for sustainability but also sets a precedent for future packaging solutions.

Achieving Resealable Flow Packs on the Bellpack Machine – see how its done:


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