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Empowered with industry knowledge and machinery experience, Perfect Automation is currently offering a full comprehensive service trial approach, allowing us to demonstrate the effectiveness of Suntec Film in real-world applications and showcase its compatibility with Tray Stretch Wrappers. Through dedication and our extensive support, we provide customers with the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of Suntec Film, ensuring a seamless transition towards sustainable packaging solutions. Additionally, we offer machine solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Our exciting collaboration, with Asahi, offers a proven sustainable future to the Australian market with Suntec Film which is set to replace PVC with a mono polyolefin film.

Perfect Automation is the proud partner for Omori, the global leader in manufacturing the world’s ultimate Tray Stretch Wrapper. In an exciting development, we have partnered with Asahi, renowned producers of a polyolefin film that has been utilised for nearly three decades by major mushroom growers in Japan, including two of the largest mushroom companies, distributing to nearly 4,000 supermarkets throughout Japan.

Suntec Film addresses the industry’s challenge of finding alternatives capable of handling delicate produce such as mushrooms, plus run efficiently on high-speed Tray Stretch Wrappers like Omori. The Suntec Film successfully transitions fresh produce away from PVC film.

Notably, the success of this polyolefin film in the Japanese mushroom market, which undergo similar processing and logistics conditions to those in Australia, has shown in some cases mushrooms holding their natural colour 2-4 days longer compared to using PVC, naturally, this needs to be proven locally.

Suntec Films have proven their efficacy across various applications, including mushrooms and various fresh food.

  • Successfully transitioning fresh produce away from PVC film.
  • Running seamlessly at high speeds on Omori stretch wrappers.
  • Exhibiting high anti-fogging properties and transparency to enhance product presentation.
  • Assisting in maintaining the colour, flavour, and taste of the packaged products.
  • Demonstrating exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

Perfect Automation are perfectly placed to help transition the mushroom industry away from PVC, with our Omori factory-trained technicians offering full technical support and our collaboration with one of Japan’s major producers of film for the mushroom industry we are committed to helping the industry meet their customers requirement to eliminate PVC.

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