Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, only 14% of this is being recovered/recycled. The machinery market is constantly working on innovative ways to reduce film wastage and energy consumption, and with enhanced technology, Perfect Automation is able to help our customers reach their sustainability targets that dramatically reduce costly wastage.

But we take our dedication to our customers seriously and have gone one step further for offering alternate packaging solutions that make it possible for a cleaner, greener future in the packaging industry.

Not only are we dedicated to our customers with offering the perfect packaging machinery solution, but we also can pair your machine with alternate packaging materials for a more sustainable way of life that complies with CEFLEX standards. We have partnered with Thanh Phu (creators of fully certified recyclable pouches and film) and Compost me (creators of fully certified home compostable pouches and film) to bring peace of mind to our customers that sustainable packaging is completely achievable within our circular economy. 

Fully certified recyclable pouches and film by Thanh Phu
recyclable packaging
Home compostable pouches and film by Compost me
home compostable packaging materials