We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Thanh Phu, who are making a real sustainable change globally. Thanh Phu produces fully accredited recyclable pouches that undergo strict testing criteria and have all the ticks of approval, including real-life sample validation reporting to ensure that recycling streams can indeed capture these pouches for complete recycling.

Making It Possible

Fully Certified Recyclable Pouches have been made possible through the technology of Veloflex™, which is a fully recyclable LDPE#4 plastic film. Moving away from multi-laminated films, this mono-PE Polyethylene-based film allows for the entire package to be recyclable and is engineered for barrier protection for many industries including dried, chilled and frozen foods.  Veloflex Recyclable Pouches offer supreme quality and appearance at competitive pricing, making it possible for a sustainable change to be made across industries worldwide.

Quality Management

Veloflex Pouches are certified with ISO9001-2015 and BRCGS V6. Quality control management is adhered to from incoming raw materials, work-in-process goods to finished goods.

How it’s accomplished:

  • Tension, elongation, puncture testing machine
  • Coefficient of Friction machine (COF)
  • Heat sealing machine
  • Plaster oven for laminated film
  • Electric balance
  • Water residue measurement for solvent testing
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Print & Colour Management

Packaging plays an important role for visually identifying a brand. Brand owners want the right colour, the first time, every time, and no matter the batch, meaning that packaging has to maintain brand consistency and integrity. We deliver all these needs by print and colour management process. A print of each packaging is controlled by both colourimetric and spectral colour management systems to provide the best of both fields: the accuracy of colours along with a database of colour profiles.

  • Xrite handheld device – colour control: density, dot gain, with L*a*b* measurement, dE
  • GretagMacbeth handheld device – similar usage as X-rite device
  • Syncmaster software for colour management and paint mixing
  • Colour assessment cabinet for colour visual testing under different wavelengths