High Performance Flow Wrappers

Our Omori range of High Performance Flow Wrappers offer almost unlimited flexibility to fulfil customer’s requirements. Omori is one of the leading Packaging Machinery developers on the market, supplying advanced technology and innovative machinery to maximise production and minimise wastage whilst providing the right packaging for consumer needs such as reclosable packs.

High Speed Horizontal Form Fill Seal Flow Wrappers make, fill and seal film around product in one smooth automatic process meeting high demands whilst reducing waste consumption.

Rotary Jaw Flow Wrappers use rotating end seal jaws that enables the Flow Wrappers to produce high speeds. Available in single, twin, triple and quad jaw configurations. The Rotary Jaw Flow Wrappers range from entry level hand-fed machines right through to complete automatic lines.

Box Motion Flow Wrappers use true Box Motion on the end seal jaws providing longer sealing times. Due to the additional dwell time they can seal thicker wrapping materials, giving the product a higher quality seal. They are better suited for taller products, heavy products and for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), as they can provide airtight seals.

Reclosable Packaging on Omori Flow Wrappers has made it possible to reduce footprint wastage, lower investment costs and energy consumption costs in comparison to classic thermoforming packaging. Through strenuous testing and engineering, Omori reclosable flow packs have been tested and measured against product dehydration, rest oxygen and extended shelf life.