Our ICE Carton Sleever has been designed for sustainability, offering an automated and compact cluster carton sleeve for single or multipack products with a rotating motorised carton picking system. The motorised infeed pusher and carton picker operate with precision while reducing energy costs. Easy access, functionality, and sleek design, this DM Pack Carton Sleever allows for use easy operation, maintenance and cleaning. 

Leading innovation towards a more sustainable future, our Carton Sleever uses eco-friendly packaging for the ease of distribution of irregularly shaped fruit and vegetable produce such as apples, kiwis, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes.

This is all achieved with a unique motorised system that adjusts itself based on the size of the product, the machine automatically applies a carton sleeve on the incoming product, wrapping it from above. The package is then closed on the bottom or on the sides thanks to the hot melt point application, thus ensuring maximum adherence and stability of the product inside.

ICE Carton Sleever also has the flexibility of vertical or horizontal carton style depending on product requirements.

Carton Sleeve Dimensions: Product Dimensions:
Length: 70-400mm
Width: 70-300mm
Height: 30-300mm
Min: 60 x 40 x 20mm
Max: 270 x 270 x 130 mm
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