ECONO-PAK Case Packers offer quick changeover times and eliminates end of line constraints by assembling and closing a case around product for easy distribution. We have semi-automatic and automatic Case Packers that offer the flexibility of packaging different styles.

ECONO-PAK Case Packers are low maintenance with easy to use technology that allows for higher turn around times. It’s servo-driven technology and linear axes provides a highly reliable and stable machine for operation.

The Case Packers have the ability to form with either solid product (cartons) or flexible product (bags) and offer both tray carton blanks and wrap-around carton blanks with the flexibility of adhesive flap being positioned on the outside or inside.

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Available Types of Case Packers

  • Compartment chain for upright standing products
  • Stacking unit for flat products
  • Tray carton blanks or wrap-around carton blanks
  • Sealing unit for tray carton blanks