The Ehcolo Hood Stretch Wrapper is one of the fastest growing applications in pallet packaging due to it’s economical costs, high packaging integrity and flexibility.

The HM80 Hood Stretch Wrapper stretches film over bulk palletised product using a servo driven motor. This machine has been designed for an economical solution with no compromise on mechanics. This packaging solution is for stabilising and securing products during transport.

With it’s unique engineering, a flat film is used over the traditional gusset film, allowing this machine to shine for it’s durability with various crosswind and sticky films. A reduction of up to 30% film changeover is achieved, allowing production to streamline.


Mechanical opening system (no vacuum/suction) of the tubular film roll, so most reliable and always possible to use up the roll to its end.

Speed up to 80 pallets per hour

Remote VPN control

No hydraulic

Servo drives on all main axis – for high accuracy, low wear, and noiseless operation

Easy install

Very low operation costs

Lowest machine on the market, total height 3750mm at 2000mm high pallets.

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  • Hood Stretch Wrapper Layout
  • Hood Stretch Wrapper
ehcolo hood stretch wrapper

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