High-Speed Tray Stretch Wrappers are specifically designed for the food industry. Our Omori Tray Stretch Wrapper is currently the only Wrapper in the world that uses less film for this specific type of packaging, making it the ultimate packaging machinery for numerous food products such as mushrooms, meat, fish and vegetables.
tray stretch wrapping for mushrooms

Providing a beautifully wrapped product that retains freshness whilst maintaining shelf life, tray wrappers have the flexibility and versatility for any performing production line. The product flow line design was originally invented by Omori, this unique technology keeps the trays stable throughout wrapping and allows for easy handling of light weight, wet or unstable product as well as large or small items.

High Speed Tray Stretch Wrapper

The Tray Stretch Wrapper uses a sophisticated vacuum and shutter flap folding system and an orbital motion-cutting device allowing ultimate speeds to be reached whilst maintaining high quality presentation.

Product Features

  • Cycle motion or continuous (ON DEMAND) motion can be selected.
  • Variable speed control in proportion to product feed.
  • Servo motor driven belt seperation convayor with side belts ensures stable product feeding at high speed.
  • Aluminium and stainless for sanitary and durability.
high speed tray stretch wrapper
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Model: Product Rate: Max Product Dimensions: Film Width:
STN-8500 Cycle Motion: 30-80 packs/min
Continuous: 30-120 packs/min
Length: 100-400mm
Width: 80 – 210mm
Height: 15 – 60mm

Heat Sealing Tray Wrapper

Heat Sealing Tray Wrappers have been designed specifically for the meat sector, allowing a completely sealed pack to be achieved with 30% reduced plastics, offering a strong protective barrier whilst maintaining sustainability and economics for packaging costs. The design of this high-end Wrapper uses a heat sealing mechanism that requires shorter film lengths for increased production with the ultimate pack presentation.

heat sealing tray stretch wrapper
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Models: Product Rate: Max Product Dimensions:
STE 60 packs/min Length mm: 150
Width mm: 60

Compact & Wide Tray Wrapper

From compact tray wrappers to high-end stretch wrappers, Omori offer a packaging solution to suit a variety of products, achieving sustainability with fresh produce. These servo-driven machines allow for easy operation and run a variety of film types including eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.

tray stretch wrapper
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Model: Product Rate: Max Product Dimensions:
STC- N1. N2. N3 60 packs/min Length mm: 100~400

Width mm: 80~180

Height mm: 15~60

STC- N5. N6. N7 60 packs/min Length mm: 100~400

Width mm: 80~260

Height mm: 15~60

Waste Consumption

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, Perfect Automation is continually looking at ways we can support our customers through change, including the change to sustainable packaging. With the “2025 sustainable roadmap” in place, packaging companies need to be either recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 for Australian supermarket giants.

At Perfect Automation, we offer a range of services, from high-end innovative packaging machines to alternative packaging material solutions, through our dedication, our customers trust us for advice and knowledge. View our packaging materials.