Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS) uses vertical processing for bag forming, filling and sealing. These Machines have high distribution rates and the ability to package such a wide range of products making VFFS Machines the number one choice for large bag style packaging. These continuous motion VFFS Machines have the capacity to package from as little as 5kg all the way up to 50kg, at rates of up to 50 bags/min, making it the ideal packaging machinery for many industries including construction and horticultural. 

The T2-701E is a perfect solution for small-medium range production, identical in construction to the T2-701 this Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine operates intermittently for flat film processing of large bag packaging.

The T2-701 is superior in packaging, designed with high precision servo driven axes allowing for it to achieve high production rates and operate continuously with consistent film motion.

These machines are the perfect packaging solution for products such as potting mix, soil, wood chips, wood pellets, road salt, sand, grain, perlite, stones, coal, birdseed and much more.

Model: Product Rate: Max Bag Width:
T2-701 50 bags/min 700mm
T2-701E 30 bags/min 1400mm

Vertical Balingpress Machine

The Vertical Balingpress Machine is a high precision machine that can be used intermittently, allowing for packaging flexbility and for products to be packed without using the press/stamp unit. This machine is constructed with servo-driven axes and uses flat films for packaging.

Models: Product Capacity: Max Film Width:
T2-1601-P Max 250L 1600mm

Waste Consumption

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, only 14% of this is being recovered/recycled. The machinery market is constantly working on innovative ways to reduce film wastage and energy consumption, Perfect Automation have partnered with CompostMe with this sole purpose in mind, “reduce 100% wastage”.

CompostMe is the very first Australian company to have certified home compostable packaging material that isn’t just compostable but meets Australian standards for the food packaging industry, offering longer shelf life and packaging formats not previously available with home compostable films. Find out more.