Our German engineered Multi-head Weighers are specialised for high capacity lines. These Weighers have been designed to handle the widest range of products on the market, providing fast, accurate consistency for production lines.

Multiweigh Weighers use less contactable parts than any other weigher manufactured. With the “Direct Drive” system design, stepper motors operate the hoppers, eliminating internal or external springs. Each “Direct Drive” actuator module has a load cell for precision. But what sets these Weighers apart from all other weighing systems besides the easy maintenance, reliability and longevity is its sophisticated software Linux, which offers the best flexible and stable operating system available worldwide.

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Model: Product Rate: Max Weight/Volume: No. of Stations:
Multiweigh HDW10 Up to 60-70/min 250-10000g/0.75-20L 10
Multiweigh HDW14 Up to 90-160/min 250-10000g/0.75-20L 14
Multiweigh HDW16 Up to 150-200/min 500-5000g/0.75-10L 16
Multiweigh HDW20 Up to 200/min 1000-10000g/5-10L 20
Multiweigh HDW24 Up to 240/min 1000-2500g/0.75-5L 24
Multiweigh HDW36 Up to 540/min 1000/0.75L 36