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Safety first with ultra hygienic production  

Product: A range of liquid egg products 

Project outline: Ultra clean production for liquid egg product 

Product Spec: 250ml to 2,000ml

Speeds: 20-25ppm

Customer: Sunny Queen

Our philosophy of anything can be achieved still stands unequivocally. 

Concept to reality, our most recent install was a bold new project from our major FMGC Egg supplier Sunny Queen.  Our customer sought the absolute best, and we were entrusted to craft a solution that would redefine the norms. The concept of liquid egg mixture in side spout pouches was driven by a commitment to empower consumers. This innovative design allows the contents to be reused, catering to the dynamic needs of the everyday consumer. Navigating the intricate balance between elevated contamination risks and the delicate heat sensitivity of the product posed a significant challenge. However, through unwavering dedication and innovative machinery solutions, Sunny Queen’s has achieved an assurance of safety that doesn’t impact or compromise quality. This accomplishment also translates into extended shelf life, all while maintaining a hassle-free user experience.

So how did it all come together? 

Perfect Automation supplied and installed a new 10 station Rotary Leepack Pouch Machine Line that was designed to effectively manage two distinct products. In addition, a highly efficient Hepa Air System was integrated to establish an ultra-clean environment before the product is introduced into the pouches thus contributing to the overall accomplishment of complete sterilisation.

Furthermore, the integration of Herrmann Ultrasonic Sealing has proven to be a game-changer, achieving the perfect seal for this heat-sensitive product. This advanced ultrasonic technology introduces a cold sealing method for the pouches, combined with an inspection system. This integration guarantees that each pouch obtains an airtight seal, particularly critical for these highly sensitive products. This innovation not only ensures product integrity but also results in reduced energy costs and minimised production downtime, reflecting a considerable enhancement in efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Sunny Queen’s production line is thriving, and the original concept of the liquid egg mixture has successfully made its way onto the shelves of Australian supermarkets. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of both Sunny Queen and Perfect Automation. Anticipating a future filled with possibilities, Perfect Automation is looking forward to forging sustainable success with our major FMGCs. 

Sunny Queen’s Journey:
  1. What challenges or issues were you facing before implementing our solution? Can you describe the specific pain points or obstacles your company was encountering?

Before implementing our solution, we were grappling with a couple of significant challenges. Our existing CIP (Clean-in-Place) system was lacking in efficiency and effectiveness and the process of managing the cartridge feeler was predominantly manual, which resulted in operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies. We recognised the need for an automated system to streamline this aspect of our operations and enhance overall accuracy and speed.

  1. Can you quantify any measurable outcomes such as cost savings, efficiency gains, or increased productivity?

The implementation of the CIP system has yielded measurable and impactful outcomes for us. Through the efficient operation of the CIP system, we have been able to recycle and reuse chemicals, leading to substantial cost savings in our chemical consumption. This not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also directly contributes to reducing operational expenses.

  1. Which aspects of our solution stood out as particularly beneficial for your needs?

Good value for money, with this equipment we still get the same outcome as more expensive equipment. The size was more compact than other equipment helping us to manage the space in the factory 

  1. How was your experience working with our team during the implementation and adoption process?

The team was excellent during installation. Responsive and timely manner even after installation

  1. What led you to Perfect Automation?

Research in the market of the different equipment available to satisfy our requirements

  1. How have your consumers responded to the functionality of your product?
  • The technology employed in producing these pouches has notably extended the shelf life of the product. 
  • This enhancement has been greatly appreciated by both trade partners and consumers, as it ensures a longer-lasting and fresher product experience.
  • The inclusion of a resealable lid has significantly improved the product’s convenience. Consumers find it easy to open and close the packaging, which adds to the overall user experience.
  • The look and feel of the pouch is impactful, resulting in favourable perceptions and an improved overall product experience.

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