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Product: Flour Mill

Packaging application: transport distribution 

Speeds: 1,200 an hour

Embracing Sustainable Palletising Solutions

In today’s society, a significant transformation is underway across all industries as businesses are increasingly embrace eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The move towards adopting eco-friendly practices is being actively incorporated into the development of machinery as well. Echolo has demonstrated remarkable innovation by successfully developing and integrating two environmentally-friendly machines for flour mill distribution in Australia.

Introducing the PM 800 and the Stretch Hooder HM80

The PM800 Palletiser is a highly valuable machine on today’s market, it has the ability to seamless layer any pattern or format while packaging between 400-2,500 bags per hour. Designed to accommodate medium to high capacity production lines, this servo-controlled solution features a stripper plate palletising system with layer side and top pressing capabilities. Outfitted with Kinetic Energy Recovery technology, this machine allows for the recovery and re-use of all braking energy. This innovative feature can lead to substantial cost savings of up to 15 to 20% in comparison to other Palletisers,

Hood Stretch Wrapper

The HM80 Stretch Hooder, with its servo-controlled technology, is renowned for being one of the most reliable film opening systems currently available. Reaching speeds up to 80 pallets/hour, the Hooder has been engineered to deliver unparalleled reliability, exceptional durability, and significant cost-effective savings, a flat film is used over the traditional gusset film, allowing this machine to shine for it’s durability with various crosswind and sticky films. A reduction of up to 30% film changeover is achieved, enhancing overall productivity and performance.

These industrial packaging machines operate with minimal noise and have streamlined the flour mill’s operation allowing for a more sustainable distribution solution. Committed to efficiency, product safety, and environmental sustainability, the flour mill has successfully integrated metal detection equipment and merging infeed lines, these measures enable easy tracking and inspection of products before the palletising process, ensuring high-quality and safe distribution practices.

PM800 Palletiser

HM80 Stretch Hooder

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