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Recent studies by Universal Robots have shown that in the US alone 24% of workplace injuries are accounted for due to overexertion and repetitive moments.

“It is time for people to work with robots, not like robots.” James McKew, regional director for Universal Robots APAC

Technology and advancements are seeing a change in the packaging industry. Increased demand is on a rise with production and distribution companies unable to keep up. End-of-line automation is now being pushed for the industry, offering low cost-effective solutions with machinery manufacturers now being conscientious of plastic reduction or complete elimination.

Case and carton style packaging is renewing in popularity for our markets with a heavy focus on recyclable solutions to combat excessive plastic wastage across all industries for product and packaging protection.

Moving into the future with robot handling of recyclable solutions is possible for suppliers whether your industry is across the food sector, industrial goods or household products, your current solution can be upgraded and enhanced to achieve the best.

Learn more about Robot capabilities, because the limits are endless!

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