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Over the recent years, there has been an increase in premium pet foods available for our beloved fur pets and even a change in how these products are distributed. Market trends are moving away from large bulky packaging of the 15-20kg bags, making way for brands that pack a punch and tick all the boxes for pet nutrition, protein, quality ingredients, food variety, and packaging sustainability. Customers have proven their willingness to invest more for their pets with specialty brands on the rise. Brands are needing packaging that allows for products to be fresher and long-lasting as well as easy to store and easy to reuse. Consumers are now even spoilt for choice with frozen and refrigerated options as well as gravy mixes to make every morsel tasty for their four-legged friend.

With such a variety now available on the shelves, top brands are now a part of the war to differentiate themselves, offering more user-friendly and visually appealing packaging, a change-up in creative finishes and signature graphics. The need to stand out from the overflowing crowd being more important than ever. 

Change in the retail market and consumer demand has seen a major push for sustainability solutions. A Mondi survey affirms how important sustainable options are. The company teamed with Dow Chemical in 2019 to study premium pet food purchasing trends and behaviors that pet food producers can use to earn consumer preference. 

About 75% of respondents “feel more favorably toward a brand with sustainable packaging,” the research found.

This sustainability trend is continuing to grow in importance and drive the change in the packaging industry to reduce wastage and offer a greener solution. Perfect Automation offers that gap filler RIGHT NOW with fully certified recyclable solutions. Get ahead of the change with mono laminated pouches and films that are completely certified for recycling and undergo strenuous testing to ensure product protection, shelf life, moisture, grease, flavor, and density are all factored in during the engineering of the packaging material structure. We don’t just offer the structure, we even offer the machines, alleviate your sustainable change and make a difference today.

MAKE A Sustainable CHANGE

with 100% fully certified recyclable pouches

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