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Freshness from store to home

Production demands are increasing for the fresh produce industry and consumers want fresher product with extended shelf life. The difficulty manufacturers face is getting their produce packaged to preserve that all important freshness. With an Omori STN-8500 Stretch Wrapper, the highest quality mechanical design  has been engineered with no compromise on production speed or presentation quality.

Our Omori Stretch Wrapper has earned it’s name of the only Wrapper in the world that uses  less film for this specific type of packaging, making it the ultimate packaging machinery for fresh produce such as mushrooms, meat, fish  and vegetables.

Setting the precedence

The Tray Stretch Wrapper uses a sophisticated vacuum and shutter flap folding system and an orbital motion-cutting device allowing ultimate speeds to be reached whilst maintaining high quality presentation.

The product flow line design was originally invented by Omori, this unique technology keeps the  trays stable throughout wrapping and allows for easy handling of light weight, wet or unstable product as well as large or small items.

Production equals growth

Growing your business can only be achieved through hard work, smart planning and the right technology. When your considering expanding your growth, talk to Perfect Automation about your needs and your requirements as Omori machines are engineered inhouse, opening the world up to flexibility and innovation.

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