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For ultra high-speed production lines, we introduce the EP-7000 BXU Box Motion Flow Wrapper. This Flow Wrapper is the world’s fastest horizontal wrapper and can reach up to speeds of 400 packs a minute. Built for agility, it has been engineered for the highest distribution lines needed to keep up with the Australian food market.

Box motion end seal Flow Wrappers are ideal for products that require thicker films and need air-tight packaging. Our Omori Flow Wrappers have optional extras such as hermetic sealing, gas flushing, and modified atmosphere technology for your products to achieve optimal shelf life and product protection.

Product presentation and reduced mis-product feed is another essential for Omori, allowing tight deadlines and lowered production costs to be achieved.

You won’t be disappointed in the end result for your product to hit the market, contact Perfect Automation to set up a custom consult today.


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