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Supermarkets and convenience stores are filled with products that are rivalling for attention of the purchaser and the trend for products to be packaged in enviro-friendly, convenient and resealable packaging is always growing.

Meeting the demands for consumers is our Pouch Machines that have the added benefits of a patented zipper opening device and gripper design ensuring optimal performance whilst having the flexibility of handling various types of pouches.

These Pouch Machines have been designed to allow for rapid changeover with minimal set up for various size pouches and have many optional extras to boost production, allow for handling of sensitive food items and accurately perform with the least amount of maintenance and downtime required.

One of our top performing Pouch Machines is the RQ-332 Quadplex Pouch Machine, sophisticated with it’s sleek design to minimum wasted factory space yet optimizing production rates via the quad rotary design.

This particular machine has been fitted with ultrasonic sealing and thermal sealing making it possible to safely remove product residue from the seal area whilst maintaining high process speeds and tighter packaging for safe distribution of product.

Contact Perfect Automation to find the right Pouch Machine for you.

Waste Consumption

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, only 14% of this is being recovered/recycled. The machinery market is constantly working on innovative ways to reduce film wastage and energy consumption, Perfect Automation have partnered with PA Packaging Solutions with this sole purpose in mind, “reduce 100% wastage”.

PA Packaging Solutions is the very first Australian company to have certified home compostable packaging material that is not only 100% compostable but meets Australian standards for the food packaging industry, offering longer shelf life and packaging formats not previously available with home compostable films. Find out more.

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