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29 03, 2022

100% Recyclable Packaging For Kiwi Fruit!


In the Netherlands, Zespri has jumped ahead of the game, shifting its production at The Greenery's RDC to handle 100% recyclable packaging in preparation for the 2025 sustainable roadmap for recyclable, reusable, or compostable. “It's important to pre-sort now for the new Packaging Act where you can no longer use hybrid packaging," says Susanne Macdonald, RDC project manager, The Greenery. "The new kiwi packaging is made of cardboard: using mono-material makes the packaging more recyclable. This new packaging will soon save us 11,000 kg of plastic annually." The challenge that The Greenery faced for this new and exciting change

100% Recyclable Packaging For Kiwi Fruit!2022-10-28T14:00:00+11:00
25 01, 2022

“It is time for people to work with robots, not like robots.”


Recent studies by Universal Robots have shown that in the US alone 24% of workplace injuries are accounted for due to overexertion and repetitive moments. “It is time for people to work with robots, not like robots.” James McKew, regional director for Universal Robots APAC
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“It is time for people to work with robots, not like robots.”2022-10-28T14:17:37+11:00
23 01, 2021

Ultimate Care For Your Finished Product


Investing in an automatic machine for your packaging needs can be overwhelming and once you've found the perfect solution to package your product, what's the next step? Your product needs to now arrive safely to site, and what better way to ensure a smooth start-to-end process then with an end of line packaging solution.   Perfect Automation offer various machines to allow for all type of products to be securely packaged for safe transportation whether it's for local, state or international distribution, our Econopak machines offer the flexibility with quick changeovers and can reach up to speeds of 20 carton

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