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In the Netherlands, Zespri has jumped ahead of the game, shifting its production at The Greenery’s RDC to handle 100% recyclable packaging in preparation for the 2025 sustainable roadmap for recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

“It’s important to pre-sort now for the new Packaging Act where you can no longer use hybrid packaging,” says Susanne Macdonald, RDC project manager, The Greenery. “The new kiwi packaging is made of cardboard: using mono-material makes the packaging more recyclable. This new packaging will soon save us 11,000 kg of plastic annually.”

The challenge that The Greenery faced for this new and exciting change was that the machine needed to be able to handle varying produce sizes while operating with the same packaging which needed to be adjustable but still fit exactly.

The complex engineering by DM Pack has allowed for this ICE Cartoner to achieve short changeover time between various packaging sizes which was vital. This particular Cartoner can process up to 70 packs per minute and is also safe, hygienic, and very user-friendly.

100% Recyclable Packaging with ICE Carton Sleever

The Greenery is currently busy developing a filling machine that automatically places the kiwis on these 100% recyclable trays, achieving a fully automated packaging line. “The engineering has just been completed. They’ve now started building the tray filler. The plan is to have the fully automated, sustainable packaging line operational at the RDC before the New Zealand SunGold season begins (week 17),” Susanne concludes.

DM Pack is a global manufacturer of Cartoners, Casepackers, Tray Packers, Sleeve Wrapping, and even Horizontal Side Sealing and Shrink Sealing. Their diversity allows for the completion of complete lines as well as stand-alone units. Dedicated to customer specifications, DM Pack not only aims to reach increasingly high speeds but are particularly projected towards reaching maximum efficiency, functionality, and reliability. From the smallest to the most extensive range, these machines are designed to perform most of their movements electronically, capable of saving and referencing “recipe” programs on a touch screen, avoiding time-wasting manual adjustments.

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