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Investing in an automatic machine for your packaging needs can be overwhelming and once you’ve found the perfect solution to package your product, what’s the next step?

Your product needs to now arrive safely to site, and what better way to ensure a smooth start-to-end process then with an end of line packaging solution.


Perfect Automation offer various machines to allow for all type of products to be securely packaged for safe transportation whether it’s for local, state or international distribution, our Econopak machines offer the flexibility with quick changeovers and can reach up to speeds of 20 carton packs per minute, allowing the Econopak to keep up with your product rates.

Our Case Packers are durable whilst offering low maintenance to ensure production lines are not impacted. These Case Packers have the ability to form with either solid product (cartons) or flexible product (bags) and offer both tray carton blanks and wrap-around carton blanks with the flexibility of adhesive flap being positioned on the outside or inside.

Find out more about our robust Econopak Case Packers and contact us today for a detailed quote.

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