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Reclosable packaging for your product can make a difference.

Consumers are very aware of food wastage vs food convenience and often you will lose a consumer if your product doesn’t entail the freshness, convenience and packaging that suits their needs. Reclosable packaging has been around for years, Omori has even been working with reclosable packaging since 1998 and it is fast becoming a popular way of packaging due to the convenience for consumers to quickly use the product and store it away for future use.

Now the technical specifications behind that needs to be considered, as your product needs to attain freshness each time the package is opened and closed otherwise you will lose your consumer for a poorly packaged product.

Omori have engineer their Flow Wrappers to allow for reclosable wrapping on a multitude of styles whilst testing for product dehydration, rest oxygen and the longevity of the packaged seal, making it possible to reduce footprint wastage and lower investment costs and energy consumption costs in comparison to classic thermoforming packaging.

Why Omori Flow Wrappers are the leading packaging machinery worldwide? Omori offer over 70 years experience and engineer everything inhouse to ensure that the highest quality and distribution rates are achieved, they continually test product and work with the customer on product needs and specifications and above all continually engineer their products with the most recent technologies. With global resources available Omori thrive with producing the best machines available that do not compromise on packaging seal or quality. Product presentation and reduced mis-product feed is another essential for Omori allowing tight deadlines and lowered production costs to be achieved.

Producing high end consumer products needs a high end finish, achieve that with an Omori Flow Wrapper and start your keyturn solution today. 

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