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In the bid for environmental change, the packaging industry needs to offer solutions for less plastic wastage and reduced footprint. 

Hitting the market with huge success is flow packed minced meat. This new concept has successfully been implemented by ProMessa, a supplier of fresh meat products to supermarkets in the Netherlands, achieving a whopping 70% reduced plastics with an Omori Flow Wrapper. This enormous change isn’t just benefitting our environment but this style of packaging also allows for extended shelf-life as well as the added bonus of reduced transportation load, in terms of both the packaging material and the packaged end products, meaning ProMessa have been able to reduce their overheads with transport movements, material costs, energy costs and running costs. With Omori sealing technology, the flow packs are encased in a strong barrier protection film and allow for longer shelf life and reduced food wastage.

Omori has an exceptional history for innovative solutions that evolve with consumer needs while still committing to sustainable packaging.  Omori recloseable packaging has successfully been welcomed and encouraged in today’s market, allowing for the deli meat and cheese sector to reduce its footprint and make a difference by moving away from classic thermo packaging. Recloseable packaging reduces plastic footprint by 50% and reduces expedited food spoilt with open packaging making it a super convenient and environmentally conscious choice for consumers.

✓ Plastic reduction, achieving a 50% plastic reduction compared
        to classic thermo packs

✓ Protection against product dehydration even after reuse

✓ Extended shelf life with rest oxygen of 0.3% achieved

✓ Less energy consumption

✓ Cost neutral transition with life saving benefits

✓ More marketability and design options

Whether you are in need of packaging change or superior equipment to meet high demand distribution, Perfect Automation and Omori are here to help. Come see us at Auspack 2022 and see for yourself the difference we can make. See you at stand B070.

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