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Our German-engineered Multi-head Weighers are specialised for high capacity lines. Offering reliability and less maintenance than any other weigher in the market, Multiweigh excel at design and technology enhancement.

Let’s break down the differences between our Multiweigh Weighers and others in today’s market.

  • Multiweigh Weighers are designed with less contactable parts, meaning the less wear and tear/ maintenance on expensive part replacements.
  • Multiweigh uses Linux software which is the most reliable and stable operating system available worldwide.
  • Multiweigh Weighers operate with a “Direct Drive” system that eliminates internal AND external springs, allowing for production to operate faster and smoothly through loadcell signal.
  • Through smart technology, Multiweigh hopper control recognises and displays any disturbances of the hopper gate motion
  • Due to the Weigher’s design, stainless steel execution and electrolytic polish parts, longer operation time is achieved with less downtime required for cleaning.

                                                              Multiweigh               vs         other competitors

Contact us for a custom quote and make a change to your production line with superior equipment that will ensure a stress-free operation.

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