b'V e r t i c a l F o r m F i l l S e a l M a c h i n e sL a r g e b a g g i n g 5 k g - 5 0 k gWhether your product is coarse or \x1ene, wet or dusty, Perfect Automation can supply and install a suitable packing machine for your industrial needs.Our T2 range o\x1fers volumetric packaging for a multitude of products. Engineered with fewer parts, the VFFS collection uses a low-pressure hot air system allowing a continuous motion to be achieved with smooth \x1elm tracking. Designed with horizontal sealing jaws and table, the servo-control and drive belts are accessible for easy maintenance, minimising downtimes and breakdowns.Your style of packaging isnt limited. Our T2 range can achieve pillow bags, gusseted bags, bags with handles, stand-up bags, corner edge seal, bags with slight compression to fully compressed large baleswith proven presentation solutions.T 2 - 7 0 1 EI n t e r m i t t e n t V F F S f o rs m a l l - m e d i u m r a n g eSpeed: 30 bags/minMax Bag Dimensions: 1400mm W x 1200mm LT 2 - 7 0 1C o n t i n u o u s H i g h P r e c i s i o nS o l u t i o nSpeed: 50 bags/minMax Bag Dimensions: 700mm W x 1200mm Lo m a t i o n . c o m . a u'