b'S - 5 0 0 0 X B X - 2 H e a dM A P & O x y g e n S c a v e n g e r T y p eThis \x1dow wrapper is ideal for hermetic sealing and uses modi\x1eed atmosphere (MAP) technology. It includes a long-dwell center sealer and double end sealers, eliminatingextreme seal temperatures while o\x1fering exceptional \x1elm versatility.Box MotionSpeed: Max 150 packs/minProduct Size: 150mm W x 45mm HS - 5 6 0 0 XL a t e s t i n d e s i g n a n d t e c h n o l o g yRotary End Seal Box MotionSpeed: Max 300 packs/min Speed: Max 120 packs/minProduct Size: 200mm W x 60mm H Product Size: 200mm W x 80mm H'