b'S i d e L o a d C a r t o n e rW i d e l y u s e d p a c k a g i n gOur Side Load Carton Sealer Machines o\x1fer servo-driven technology and quick change-overs for maximised production. The Side Load Cartoner can reach up to speeds of 330 cartons per minute for the ultimate streamlined turnkey systems. The Side Loader o\x1fers a large format allowing for a broader range of products to be packaged speci\x1ecally in the food industry.Speed: 25-330 cartons/minS l e e v i n g C a r t o n e rE n h a n c e d T r a y P r o t e c t i o nOur Sleeving Cartoner is designed for a wrap-around \x1enish for tray-type packaging. This packaging style maximises advertising and o\x1fers a protective barrier for the product while remaining economical. This quality Sleeving Cartoner can reach speeds up to 150 cartons per minute depending on customer requirements and has a range of features that can be incorporated to maximise turnkey packaging solutions for ease of distribution and reliability.Speed: 30-150 cartons/min'