b'S T N - 8 5 0 0 S e r i e sH i g h S p e e d S t r e t c h W r a p p e rOur Omori STN Stretch Wrapper has earned its name as the only Wrapper in the world that uses less \x1elm for this speci\x1ec type of packaging, making it the ultimate packaging machinery for fresh produce such as mushrooms, meat, \x1esh and vegetables.This servo Tray Stretch Wrapper uses a sophisticated vacuum and shutter \x1dap folding system and an orbital motion-cutting device, allowing ultimate speeds to be reached while maintaining high quality presentation.Cycle Motion Continuous MotionSpeed: 30-80 packs/min Speed: Max 120 packs/minProduct Size: 100-400mm Lx80-210 mm Wx15-60mm H Lorem ipsum'