b'R e c l o s a b l e P a c k a g i n gw i t h F l o w P a c k s Omori Europe is the \x1erst to have mastered reclosable packaging with \x1dow wrapped products,making it anergonomic solution for sealed products, lowering your investment costs and energy consumption while maximising product longevity and use for the consumer. Compared to the classic thermo packs, a 50% plastic reduction can be achieved. Rest oxygen in the pack can be guaranteed to be under 0.3%Product is well protected against dehydration even after reuse. O\x1fering more marketability and design options Gluestrip or hotmelt options Presentation of the reclosable pack is an important feature and is achieved with a hermetic seal andthrough \x1dawless centered productdelivery, \x1exed pitch, and without any rotational deviation.'