b'E H C O L O S o l u t i o n sO\x1fering industry renown Palletisers and Hood Stretchers, our Ehcolo series manufacture the worlds best energy e\x1ccient, servo-driven, automatic machines for end of line packaging.H M - 8 0 H o o d S t r e t c h W r a p p e rW o r l ds \x1e r s t m e c h a n i c a l l y a d v a n c e d H o o d S t r e t c h e rThe HM80 Hood Stretch Wrapper stretches \x1elm over bulk palletised products usinga servo- driven motor. This machine has been designed for an economical solution with no compromise on mechanics. This pack pack p aging solution is for stabilising and securing products during transport. With its unique engineering, a \x1dat \x1elm is used over the traditional gusset \x1elm, allowing this machine to shine for its durability with various crosswind and sticky \x1elms. A reduction of up to 30% \x1elm changeover is achieved, allowing production to streamline. Mechanical opening system (no vacuum), not sensitive for crosswinds, sticky \x1elm, and variation in \x1elm quality.The lowest machine on the market; total height 3750mm at 2000mm.Main motors are servo and servo-controlled.Reduced moving parts compared to the conventional stretch hood.'