b'P M - 8 0 0 P a l l e t i s e r P M - 9 0 0 P a l l e t i s e rS e r v o P a l l e t i s e r O p t i m a l P e r f o r m a n c eSpeed: 100-2500 bags or boxes/hourSpeed: 100-1800 bags or boxes/hour Product Size: Unlimited Product Size: UnlimitedThe PM800 series can handle bags andThe PM900 series is the next level up from theboxes of any type or size. It can alsoPM800 and stands out with side-by-side layeringpalletise on any pallet size. The PM800and overlapped placement, ideal for semi-\x1elled series is the most accomplished andbags and bags with a sensitive surface. With its reliable palletiser on the market. Ourunique layer side and top pressing facilities, the PM800 is the only palletiser where allPM900 produces straight-sided, stable pallets for movements/motors are fully servo- high storage stacking and safe transportation.controlled, resulting in a very controlled soft start and stop. The accuracy and reliability of Ehcolo machines go unsurpassed.'