b'E C O N O P A K S o l u t i o n sOur ECONOPAK Machines o\x1fer expert Cartoning lines for maximum performance, \x1dexibility and e\x1cciency with minimum machine components.O\x1fering cutting-edge technology and innovation,these machines are engineered for sophisticated industry solutions tailored to your product.T o p L o a d C a r t o n e rS p e c i a l i s e d P a c k i n g C a r t o n e rOur Top Load Carton Sealer Machines o\x1fer a perfect versatile packaging solution providing a range ofcarton closing options from single \x1dap lock system, triple \x1dap lock system, stack-in lock system, as well as angled and straight-lined designs, o\x1fering closing speeds of up to 250 cartons per minute for high-performance turnkey packaging. These reliable machines are speci\x1ecally designed for individual customer requirements and can suit a broader range of product dimensions than most Carton Sealer Machines on the market.Speed: 120-250 cartons/minProduct Dimensions: 70-350mm L X 70-300mm W x 20-160mm H'