b'P a y p e r S o l u t i o n sOur large Premade Bagging Machinery has the \x1dexibility for faster automation of dry bulk products, allowing di\x1ferent size bags and di\x1ferent materialson the same line. These bagging machines are theLorem ipsumperfect industrial solution for various pack Lorem ipsum aging of large capacities, ranging from 2kgs-50kgs. These versatile machines can also achieve multiple closingmethods from heat sealing, sewing (with/without tape)or, even folded and glued with pre-glued bag tops.Packs packpack pLorem ipsumC S A 1 0 0 - 1 0 5 C S A 9 0 - 9 5Speed: 1200 pouches/hr Speed: 900 pouches/hrProduct Weight: 5-50kgs Product Weight: 5-50kgsThe CSA line is designed for added-on capabilities such as vacuuming the bag before closing, nitrogen injection, and MAP (modi\x1eed atmosphere packaging). These machines are available as automatic and semi-automatic to be implemented into a turnkey production line.'