b'D M P a c k S o l u t i o n sOur DM Pack Solutions o\x1fer side sealing, carton, and case packing options for primary and secondary packaging. With entry-level and tailor-made designs,DM Pack provides a dyna Lorem ipsum mic alternative for customers. S t a r - E v o S i d e S e a l e rH o r i z o Packsn t a l S i d e S e a l e r W r a p p e rThis cantilever structure is designed for irregular or large products such as pizza bases, lettuce, paper cups, bottles and much more. The Star-Evo range can be tailored with apackheat shrink tunnel, allowing for the protection and uniformity of the product. pack Speed: 65-100 packs/minProduct Size: 400-700mm W x 300mm H Lorem ipsum'