Home Compostable Packaging

What is Home compostable packaging?

Home Compostable packaging achieves a complete breakdown of the entire packet, which includes the material of the packet, the adhesive that seals the packet, and even the ink used for printing. There is no component of a fully accredited home compostable package that won’t disappear within a home compost bin or a green bin, allowing the package to become organic rich soil within a measured period of time (less than 26 weeks!) in your very own residence.

In Australia, the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) is the governing body that sets and provides the standards for packaging based on its level of biodegradability. When packaging is classified as compostable and has undergone stringent testing set by the ABA, the packaging is accredited and the ABA has set the standard for home compostable packaging. The Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 covers companies and individuals wishing to verify their claims of conformance to Biodegradable Plastics suitable for home composting. Products, bags and packaging that conform to the Home Composting Australian Standard AS 5810-2010, verified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association can be endorsed with the ABA Home Composting logo. This Home Composting logo ensures that these products and materials are easily recognised, and food waste or organic waste contained in these certified products can be easily separated out and diverted from landfill.