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Pouch Packaging has been trending for years now and with advancements in seal and barrier technologies food is being kept fresher for longer with extended shelf life. Becoming the “go-to” for consumers with on the go options as well as reduced packaging waste, the pouch packaging industry has been able to expand and supply for consumer demand.

But what’s in it for the manufactures? Why the change will benefit you?

Consumer demand leads the way in the food packaging industry but manufactures need to weigh up the ease of changeovers, applications and expanding business options before jumping into a new trend. Pouch packaging has being increasing for years with one of the leading industries for this style of packaging being yoghurt. The success for this sensation has been remarkable and has generated a lot of changeover from other foods entities entering the market. Pouch Machines offer flexible process configurations across a broad range of pouch style and sizes allowing for optimal customisation to suit product and consumer demand.

Introducing our range of Pouch Machines that hit the mark for efficiency, reliability and customisation. Our Leepack RT110 Pouch Machine is a simplex rotary fill seal machine that can interlock all types of fillers and weighers.  It has recently been upgraded to cater to a wide range of fields with variable process configuration –

  1. Up to 10 stations, whilst maintaining the same footprint. This makes it a versatile and more flexible machine with extra stations to introduce different products with its quick-change format.
  2. The new wash and wipe down structured design is quicker and easier to clean and maintain, setting the highest of hygiene standards to maintain product safety.
  3. It is the only rotary pouch machine company to design and build a fully integrated ultrasonic sealing system utilising technology of Herrmann Ultrasonics. Using ultrasonic technology makes it possible to safely remove product residue from the seal area whilst maintaining high process speeds and tighter packaging.

LEEPACK RT110 pouch machine specifications

No of stations: 10

Production speed: 40-60 ppm Production speed may vary depending on product characteristics, pouch conditions, operator skills and ambient filling conditions.

The Leepack Duplex pouch machine can do the largest sized pouch in this format and can reach speeds of up to 80-100 pouches per minute.  This is achieved with the added benefit of continuous operation with no film changes required.

These speeds are typically claimed by VFFS machines but often struggle to achieve due to complexity of set up for different higher presentation pouches with zippers.

Pouch sizes: It accommodates a huge range of pouch types and sizes – widths across 100 to 240mm and lengths of up to 350mm, with seven pouch types including zipper and spout.

Pouch type:

Pouch types for the Leepack pouch machine

Pouch types for the Leepack pouch machine

Standard Leepack RT110 pouch machines includes –

  • Pouch magazine
  • Sealing & Cooling device
  • Pouch position detecting device
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Pouch top opening device
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Pouch two-sheet detecting device
  • Deflator

This Leepack pouch machine also caters for a wide range of optional features can be added to the machine – various types of pouch magazines, optical character recognisation, weight feedback systems, tube roll, film forming systems, and wash/wipedown structure, plus many other options.

The LEEPACK pouch machine using gusseted pouches 

The pouch machine includes a device that expands the bottom gusset of stand-up pouches using air.

This feature prevents the pouch top reclosing during pouch filling and the product overflowing due to folded bottom gusset.   It is suitable for stand-up pouches and corner spout pouches.

The LEEPACK pouch machine using zipper pouches

With LEEPACK’s patented zipper opening device and its zipper closer prevent the zippers being contaminated by product.

The LEEPACK RT110 pouch machine when filling liquids

The swivel filling system minimises overflow of low viscosity products due to inertia during filling.  The speed of production is increased by moving the nozzle between pouch opening and filling station.

The swivel filling system is suitable for liquid products that generate large amounts of foam during filling.

The ultrasonic sealing device seals the pouch opening by applying ultrasonic vibration to avoid leakage during liquid product packaging.  This article explains how ultrasonic sealing works.

Watch the Leepack pouch machine in action

Click here for more information on all our Pouch Machines.

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