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Environmental change is achievable with the right packaging machine – Flow Wrappers

Flow Wrappers have traditionally been used for packaging of biscuits, chocolate bars, tissues and baked goods such as pies and sausage rolls. Horizontal packaging has long since been preferred by the retail industry for it’s high speed capacities and flexibility of handling a wider range of films to suit a variety of products as well as the ability to incorporate modified atmosphere technology (MAP).

With modern packaging, we can now achieve innovative solutions that reduce wastage, energy consumption and even distribution costs.  ProMessa has boldly changed its packaging in the pursuit of reduced wastage and achieves a massive 70% reduction in plastic wastage after ditching thick plastic trays and evolving to mono-material film. 

Still achieving extended shelf-life as well as product protection, ProMessa has the added bonus of reduced overheads such as transportation loads, material costs, and energy costs. With Omori sealing technology, the flow packs are encased in a strong barrier protection film so that classic thermo-formed packs are a thing of the past. Omori has an exceptional history for innovative solutions that evolve with consumer needs while still committing to sustainable packaging. Omori continues to develop custom machinery in the bid for global environmental change in the packaging industry. Contact us to learn more about Omori Flow Wrappers for your horizontal packaging needs.

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