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When you have so many factors to consider when filling and packing, you need packaging machinery that opens your options, not closes them.

Our new and innovative packaging machinery options, specifically selected  for their flexibility, reliability and efficiency are now available so your business can be better and faster than your competitors.

What packaging machinery do you need to be better than your competitors?

Follow our checklist –


Retail pouches – For 100g to 5kg retail pouches, including pouches with spouts, the Leepack range can fill soups, sauces, confectionery, powders, pharmaceuticals or pet food.  The pouch machines can be used across a wider range of pouch sizes and types, such as gusseted, spout or zipper pouches, designed for flexibility and quick changeovers for multiple bag styles to run on the same machine.

Perfect Automation can design a complete system of packaging machinery including weighers, liquid fillers, powder fillers at speeds up to 100 pouches per minute.

Large pouches – If your product is for the larger bag or sack sizes from 5kg to 50kg, Payper has the full range of pouch, sack or bags to suit all products from grains, powders, pet food through to chemicals.  Bag styles and materials include open mouth bags, valve bags, multi wall paper sacks, woven PP, woven PE, laminated high presentation bags or plain LLDPE bags.

VFFS and oversized bags – If VFFS is better suited to your production, the German T2 (the world’s first continuous motion VFFS for oversized bags) offers retail sized baggers, up to the large size (5kg to 50kg) format bags.  T2 have become the VFFS of choice for the European potting mix industry due to higher speeds, less maintenance, full servo control and the innovative hot air back seal that has proven a real winner for many customers.


 To close paper and LDPE sacks, heat sealing and sewing work well, even ultrasonic sealing can be used.  Closing options for woven poly prop sacks has been limited to sewing, until Miller Weldmaster developed their heat-sealing system for woven ploy prop sacks. Heat sealing woven poly prop gives many advantages over sewing, including higher productivity, less downtime, eliminating infestation issues, stronger sacks and improved marketing with the extra panel created on the sacks.  Large users in the USA petfood industry have paid for the investment in under 12 months.


Semi-automate pouch packing – If you are running retail sized pouches, the Lantech Profit Pack system can create a semi-automatic case packing system.  This automates and speeds up the case packing system at the same time as making the operators more efficient.

Fully automatic shelf ready case – If a fully automatic shelf ready case is required for your bags or pouches, Ecnopack from Germany, supply high speed fully automatic case pack system that will pack the pouches into wrap around or tray and hood, with pouches in either single or double facing.

Baling – Included in the T2 range is the baling machine for oversized bags, this uses servo drive technology to generate large forces to compress products into a bale.  It eliminates the typical use of hydraulics which do not have the same control or flexibility and carries the risk of product contamination.


Once the product is bagged, the end of life can be automated with Ehcolo palletisers for industrial sized bags, sacks and pouches at speeds up to 2,200 per hour.  The Ehcolo range uses full servo technology to generate higher speeds and layer build up to create perfectly stacked pallets (overlapping or side-by-side) to ensure your products arrive in the condition they left your factory.

Ehcolo also work closely with our bagging suppliers Payper and T2 to make complete lines, including handling conveyors and trolley cart systems to free up your factory space.  The lines can then be completed by choosing Lachenmeier stretch holders or Unitech stretch wrappers, whatever works best for your product and customers.

Pallet stability is important and sometimes the very nature of your bags material or product creates an unstable pallet during transportation, in this case there are two solutions –

  1. Grip Fix, an adhesive type system applied to the bags or pouches will stop movement on the pallet. It can be so effective, it eliminates or greatly reduces the need for stretch wrap – another great way to reduce your packaging materials and help the environment.


  1. Anti-slip paper sheets that go between the layers. This system uses a very creative way to dispense the sheets from rolls, greatly reducing the cost and errors in handling separate sheets.

For packaging pouches, bags or sacks, Perfect Automation can uncover packaging machinery solutions to your unique processing requirements – from standalone to complete automatic lines, new options are at AUSPACK 2019 Stand G215.

Can’t wait for AUSPACK?  Contact us at sales@perfectautomation.com.au – we’re only too happy to help with your fill, pack, seal or palletise questions.

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Originally published at AUSPACK2019

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