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Perfect Automation has a solution for your unique packaging needs.

The Spartan Cartoner is PLC controlled and with the use of a vacuum system the cartons are removed from the supply magazine, erected at a single product load station, and then product is either manually or automatically loaded into the carton, the carton is then transported to the closure station where the completed package is discharged.

The Spartan uses hot melt glue or tuck closure for carton sealing and can produce up to 2,400 cartons per hour. This machine is stable in its modular design with stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.

A unique project involved a custom designed Spartan to accommodate the erecting of uniquely designed cartons to carry cakes. The customers’ goal was to have a carton which protects the product, makes it easier for the packaging process and is attractive and easy for the customers to handle.

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