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4 08, 2020

Keep it clean, keep it safe


Whilst we are navigating through uncertain times due to covid-19, cleanliness and hygiene is at the forefront of the packaging industry. Our Leepack Pouch Machines offer stainless steel options to allow for ultra hygiene and reduction of food contamination. Compared to the standard frame structure of covering 1.2T stainless steel plate on a powder coated SS41 plate, the frame body and the power transmission section can be hygienically maintained by minimising the penetration of moisture into the frame by minimising the number of holes in the upper/lower frame composed of thick stainless steel plates. Read more about the benefits

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5 07, 2020

Pouch Packaging For the Global


Pouch Packaging has been trending for years now and with advancements in seal and barrier technologies food is being kept fresher for longer with extended shelf life. Becoming the "go-to" for consumers with on the go options as well as reduced packaging waste, the pouch packaging industry has been able to expand and supply for consumer demand. But what's in it for the manufactures? Why the change will benefit you? Consumer demand leads the way in the food packaging industry but manufactures need to weigh up the ease of changeovers, applications and expanding business options before jumping into a new

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13 02, 2019

The agile LEEPACK pouch machine changing businesses


The new Leepack RT110 pouch machine is allowing food manufacturers to develop a more agile response to changing consumer palates. With consumers continually seeking new taste sensations and increases in consumer customisation and personalisation of products, manufacturers require flexible process configurations across a broad range of pouches and pouch sizes. The Leepack RT110 pouch machine is an efficient, simplex rotary fill seal machine that can interlock all types of fillers and weighers.  It has recently been upgraded to cater to a wide range of fields with variable process configuration – Up to 10 stations, whilst maintaining the same footprint.

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