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3 10, 2020

Automated Packaging Line – Minimise Wastage on All Facets of The Business


Automated Packaging Lines are fast becoming a necessity in the the food industry. With strict regulations in place, food suppliers have a hard task of preparing and packaging all their products to ensure consumer safety. So what should your business consider when this is the upmost important task as a supplier? Common types of production lines include primary packaging  -  robotic pick-and-place, tray sealing, gravity feeding secondary packaging  -   top-load cartoning, pouch sealers, flow wrapping tertiary packaging    -    case packing  and palletising These types of automation add in ways to reduce product recall, damages, loss and overall food

Automated Packaging Line – Minimise Wastage on All Facets of The Business2022-07-28T10:54:35+10:00
21 03, 2019

Fill, seal, pack, palletise – New packaging machinery options to do it better


When you have so many factors to consider when filling and packing, you need packaging machinery that opens your options, not closes them. Our new and innovative packaging machinery options, specifically selected  for their flexibility, reliability and efficiency are now available so your business can be better and faster than your competitors. What packaging machinery do you need to be better than your competitors? Follow our checklist - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO FILL? Retail pouches - For 100g to 5kg retail pouches, including pouches with spouts, the Leepack range can fill soups, sauces, confectionery, powders, pharmaceuticals or pet food. 

Fill, seal, pack, palletise – New packaging machinery options to do it better2022-07-28T11:43:01+10:00
27 11, 2018

Ehcolo Bagging Machine & Palletiser Exclusive Agency Agreement


Perfect Automation has expanded its packaging machine range through an exclusive Australian and New Zealand agency agreement with bagging machine and palletiser company, Ehcolo. A bagging machine or palletisers to suit Ehcolo are the Danish packaging machinery company best known for their high-quality palletiser and turnkey packing lines for bagging, palletising, stretch wrapping and hood stretching. With such a wide range of leader brands such as T2 for Continuous motion VFFS, Payper for pre-made bags, sacks and tubular FFS, plus the Lachenmeier hooder, provides a customised solution for all needs. John Whitfield, the National Sales manager for Perfect Automation, ‘With

Ehcolo Bagging Machine & Palletiser Exclusive Agency Agreement2022-07-28T11:50:09+10:00
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