Our Industrial Packaging requires reliable, sturdy and high speed packaging equipment for manufacturer lines that are consistently operating. For your end of line needs, trust in our industry renown Palletisers and Hood Stretch Wrappers. Designed and engineered inhouse for optimal flexibility and innovation our Ehcolo series manufacture the world’s best energy efficient , servo driven, automatic machines for end of line packaging.

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ehcolo box and bag palletiser







Ehcolo Box and Bag Palletisers have high packaging capacities ranging from 100-2500 bags/boxes per hour allowing for packaging of all sizes. With it’s unique layer side and top pressing facilities, the palletisers offer a fast, innovative and safe solution for transportation needs. These machines have built in technology allowing for “anywhere control” via internet, providing easy troubleshooting, technical data and change of parameters.

pm800 palletiser

The PM800 series is the only palletiser in the world that is fully servo controlled with low energy consumption saving 20% energy compared to other palletisers on the market. This series can handle any type or size of boxes/bags with any pallet size.

Tpm900 palletiserhe PM900 series is a combined stripper plate, gantry robot palletiser that can handle up to 1800 bags per hour. This series operates not only as side-by-side but also overlapped which is ideal for partially filled bags  or bags with a  sensitive surface.

We also offer two PM400 series, manual and semi-automatic palletisers for low investment or start up companies. This series is designed for low – medium capacity packaging lines achieving up to 400 bags per hour.

ehcolo machine

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