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Is your heat sealer causing faulty seals and product to leak and contaminate production?  Our in-house demonstrations can show you how your pouches, when put through the retort process using ultrasonic bag sealer technology can seal through contamination.

The ultrasonic bag sealing machine technology makes it possible to safely remove product residue from the seal area whilst maintaining high process speeds and tighter packaging.

Perfect Automation have already demonstrated the ultrasonic bag sealer at major producers. Each time the customer was impressed with the effectiveness and simplicity of the sealer. The ability to set the parameters that guarantee a perfect seal was the highlight. The supporting data produced shows first-hand how this technology can improve their business.

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How An Ultrasonic Bag Sealer Works

To start the melt formation, introduced vibration energy is focused through the appropriate shape of the tools (sonotrode and anvil) for the film or other flexible packaging materials. The profiles created by the tools focus the energy input to the seal only. This results in a shorter sealing time of between 100 to 200 milliseconds.

The heat derived from the ultrasonic bag sealer for create the seal, is only generated inside the thermoplastic sealing layer. Unlike a traditional heat sealer, the tools come in direct contact with the packaging, remain cold during the weld process

Benefits Of Using An Ultrasonic Bag Sealer

The ultrasonic technology provides objective data (which can then be supplied to your customers) ensuring perfect seals and product safety on all pouches.

This objective data allows packaging production to:

1. Fulfil all criteria of process optimisation: high cycle rates and tight seals.
2. Set the standard: Pre-set criteria allows you to verify every package seal meets your high standards
3. Safely detect faulty situations
4. High customer satisfaction: easy to reject packaging with damaged seals before they are delivered to your customer.

What Packaging Can I Use An Ultrasonic Bag Sealer For?

Ultrasonic sealing can be used across a number of food packaging application groups including capsules, pouches, spouts, valves, zippers, film packaging, drink packaging, blister packs and trays.

Integration of An Ultrasonic Bag Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic sealing technology is easily integrated into new packaging machines and can be retrofitted to existing machines. There are various ultrasonic component sets that correspond to each sealing application which are installed in the sealing section of each packaging machine via defined interfaces.

Leepack were the first company to fully integrate our Herrmann ultrasonic sealing technology into their rotary pouch machines.

Leepack worked with Herrmann to develop the technology to retrofit to their own rotary pouch machines and other leading brands, Perfect Automation have access to this technology to help users of rotary pouch machines integrate Herrmann ultrasonic sealing.

Another Perfect Automation partner, HMC inline sachet and pouch machine also use Herrmann ultrasonic sealing technology to further benefit customers who prefer to form their own pouches in line.

How An Ultrasonic Bag Sealer Works In The Ready-Meal Industry

As sealing is a critical component for the ready meal and sauce category, having to retort their pouches, they are particularly seeing remarkable results.

As the food is essentially cooked or sterilised in the pouch, this approach has shown improved sealing quality better than packaging with cans.

How An Ultrasonic Bag Sealer Works In The Pet Food Industry

Our customers in the pet food industry are also benefiting from the ultrasonic technology as it allows for the safe integration of zippers to be used in re-sealable pouches and the welding of the zipper ends (zipper-crushing).

Want To See The Ultrasonic Bag Sealing Machine In Your Production?

Onsite demonstrations show how your pouches put through the retort process using ultrasonic technology can seal through contamination.

Our in-house trials will demonstrate how simplistically the ultrasonic technology seals through contamination using your pouches and packaging. It will show the parameters that can be set up to guarantee a perfect seal.

Supporting data gathered on site, will instantaneously validate how the ultrasonic bag sealer can benefit your business.

See Our Ultrasonic Bag Sealing Machine At AUSPACK 2019

The success and interest shown in the latest ultrasonic sealing technology, has led to Perfect Automation and Herrmann Ultrasonics to showcase the bag sealer at Auspack 2019.

This is a great opportunity for you to test seal your pouches using ultrasonic sealing at our booth. You will be able to see for yourself the difference this new technology can make to your packaging production line.

Can’t wait for AUSPAK? Book your in-house demo now – contact us.

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