Food inspection equipment

Our food inspection equipment

As a leading provider of food inspection equipment Australia wide, Perfect Automation can provide you with reliable and versatile machinery to help you get the job you need done.

We know how important accuracy is for food suppliers and manufacturers, which is why our range of check weighers are good for making sure that the products you sell are all the correct weight. They can also save you time by highlighting and rejecting items which weigh over or under a certain pre-determined amount.

Another of our products is our food metal detector Australia producers have come to rely on. Designed with precision in mind, these detectors can pick out problematic materials to ensure that none of your stock contains foreign bodies. If you want to ensure that your items are free from ferrous or non ferrous metals, for example, our detectors can do that, while if you need to make sure that non-ferrous or no ferrous metals are included then the setting can easily be switched. Vital for making sure that the products you ship out are free from traces of potentially harmful substances or materials, investing in a metal detector is a good move.

And if you’re looking for a deeper level of analysis for your peace of mind before food products leave your site, we stock a food x-ray machine Australia manufacturers have been keen to incorporate into their quality control procedure. This system is capable of looking through complex packaging materials, such as aluminium packaging, to check that nothing is there which shouldn’t be. And if you are concerned about product components going missing as items work their way along your production line, our x-ray machine is also capable of identifying products with absent items.

About Perfect Automation

With a growing presence across major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Perfect Automation is an ideal one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs no matter what they are.

We stock and supply a wide range of machinery to assist with your all packaging manufacturing requirements, including everything from sachet machines and case sealers to auxiliary equipment like auger fillers. And with our environmentally friendly options (such as compostable films) available, you can get your packaging needs fulfilled while also doing your bit for sustainability.

We also offer a range of helpful services to those in the packaging industry, such as repairing any broken machinery at your premises or providing project management and oversight functions during major projects for your company, such as relocations.

We’re an experienced business, with the current owner beginning in the industry at technician level and then working his way up across the decades. What’s more, we’re proud to offer a high standard of customer service, and our friendly team are able to help if you have any problems.