Automatic Bagging Machine

Efficient and eco-friendly – the Perfect Automation Way

As a business owner, you want your products quickly and seamlessly packaged so that you can get them into the hands of customers as soon as possible. However, it’s become increasingly important in the modern market to be known as a socially and eco-conscious company.

These two desires can often seem at odds with each other. But it is possible to use automatic bagging machines to seal your products quickly and accurately while doing your part for the community.

Perfect Automation provides machinery that is second-to-none on accuracy and efficiency AS WELL as packaging that is designed to minimise waste and harm to the environment.

Take for example our vertical form fill and seal machines (VFFS machines), which can produce everything from multi-side seal sachets to block bottom bags depending on your requirements. While consumers love products that open easily, this type of packaging has developed a reputation for being wasteful.

Enter our resealable packaging options such as the Share n Seal and heat resistant lidding film. According to Food Wise, Australians discard about 20% of the food they purchase, our resealable products are designed to address this unnecessary waste. Good for your conscience, and the conscience of your customer.

A multi-layer laminate packaging that you can compost at home has for many years been the holy grail of the packaged food industry. Perfect Automation offers the only true home compostable food packs on the Australian market in the Parkside Park-2-Nature compostable film.

This packaging gives your product a unique selling point for consumers, helping you to stand out in a market crowded with products that claim to be environmentally friendly. This revolutionary packaging is also compatible with our cost-effective bag filling machines, meaning you don’t have to compromise on efficiency to take advantage of all the benefits.

Because we’re industry leaders in machinery, you can be assured that our packaging doesn’t just sound great – it’s durable and will stand up to the rigors of automated packing. Perfect Automation provides all the equipment and materials you need to package your product in a way that is more environmentally friendly and appealing to customers.

Want to know more about achieving efficient and eco-friendly packaging? We pride ourselves on customer service that is as fast and effective as our machinery. Talk to us today on (02) 8882 9612, to see how our packaging and machinery can help you achieve your business goals.