Tray sealers

Tray sealers: versatile and fast

Those who work in the food supply or catering trades will know how important it is that trays are sturdy, resolute and ready for use with a variety of foodstuffs.

At Perfect Automation, our tray sealing machine or vacuum tray sealing machine will be ideal for achieving this goal. Not only is it the fastest such machine in all of Australia, it comes with a wide range of features which can be handy for you and your business, including a very efficient 25 cycles per minute rate as well as gas flushing. Designed with the highest possible speed on the market built into it, our tray sealing machine can cover the upper layer of any preformed tray (such as CPET trays for microwave or oven usage, or polypropylene trays).

We are always happy to customise trays for our customers, too. If you require modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), for example, our MAP tray sealer can do that at the appropriate point in the process. And if you need a tray lidding film, we can provide you with that too.

About Perfect Automation

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