Increase the efficiency of your production line with a state-of-the-art pouch filling machine

No matter what size your operation, the speed and efficiency of your production line is critical to your profitability. But for many smaller manufacturers, the cost of automation systems can be out of reach, with the cost of an automated production line far outweighing the efficiency gains provided. By automating a few simple repetitive tasks, however, most smaller production lines can benefit from significant cost savings. For example, one area that can be automated at relatively low cost is packaging.

By installing a pouch filling machine, manufacturers get a relatively low-cost introduction to production line automation. These cost-effective, efficient machines are used in a number of industries, including food processing, component manufacturing, pet foods and industrial castings. But really there is no limit to the type of industries they can be used in.

Most pouch filling machines are essentially rotating carousels from which pre-made pouches are hung. The pouches are then opened and checked before passing under different filling stations which deposit items into the bags. Once filled the bags are automatically sealed and sent for dispatch. The whole process takes just a few seconds, with production speeds ranging from 10 to 150 bags per minute depending on the application.

All standard and food pouch filling machines can be tailored to your specific requirements, with a range of pouch options, including atmospheric, fresh or vacuum-packed pouches available. These can be used to store solid, liquid or powder-based products, with the option to combine solids and liquids, making them suitable for all types of food applications. The number of filling stations can also be tailored to suit your manufacturing process.

Our machines can handle all types of pouches from Doy style standup, box style stand up with side gussets and flat pouches.

Horizontal form fill seal machine sachet machines (HFFS)

HFFS sachet machines machines use a roll stock film which forms a sachet or pouch instead of a pre made pouch or sachet.It passes in a linear motion filling as sealing the sachet or pouch. This machine is normally used when fast change overs of pouch size is not required.

Vertical form fill machine (VFFS)

VFFS machines use a roll sock film to create a package with weldings on three sides. The film is then used to create a tube which is filled with the product before being sealed at the top. VFFS machines are suitable for both food and non-food markets being used to store everything from pasta to engineering components.

Turnkey packaging.

Perfect Automation is Australia’s leading supplier of packaging automation systems. We supply a range of machines and packaging materials to suit all applications in both food and non-food environments. With over 35 years experience in the packaging industry, we have the skills and experience necessary to design a turnkey packaging solution to improve the efficiency of your production line.

And once your new solution is deployed we’ll be there to help maintain it. We have offices in Sydney and Brisbane, with a new office opening in Melbourne shortly. Our engineers are fully trained to install and maintain all types of automated packaging machines from complete production lines to compact entry-level devices.

We can also supply a wide range of consumables through our sister company PA Packaging Solutions. DOYPACK, Stand-up pouch, HFFS and VFFS packaging materials can be supplied along with a range of environmentally sustainable solutions like Home Compostable film which can have a barrier to keep you product fresh. Printing on these films is also not an issue as all our inks and glues are compostable safe and has the Australian Bio Plastics Association approval.

For more information about our range of carousel and vertical drop machines or to see a demonstration our HFFS machine in action, contact us using the form provided.