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What separates Omori from other packaging manufacturers? 

Not only is Omori focused on reduced packaging, innovative technology but they also value customer design specifications. Omori offer over 70 years experience and engineer everything inhouse to ensure that the highest quality and distribution rates are achieved. Omori’s origins began in Japan 1948 but have expanded globally and have become number one for automated flow wrapping worldwide.

With the merge of resources in the market becoming readily available, Omori have now made it possible to produce their high end machines which include the Japan design and technology with entry level affordability for the Australian market. The hermetic seal application for extended shelf life is even now available to our market for the superior Box Motion/Long Dwell Flow Wrapper. Omori’s designs allow for speeds of up to 300 packs a minute to be achieved without any compromise on packaging seal or quality. Product presentation and reduced mis-product feed is another essential for Omori, allowing tight deadlines and lowered production costs to be achieved.

Omori are leaders in Japan for improved presentation for their flow wrapped packs. A tray is incorporated for many reasons, including adding protection for fragile products whilst offering a prestigious look giving your product the ability to stand out from the crowd and appeal to consumers.

Omori take pride on engineering their  machines that allow for innovative packaging  that a consumer can reuse whilst sustaining the product’s shelf life. Omori have made it possible for their machines to handle reclosable  packaging, opening up the field for the cheese, deli meats,  raw meat and the bakery industry . Omori have done strenuous testing for product dehydration, rest oxygen and the longevity of the packaged seal, making it possible to reduce footprint wastage and lower investment costs whilst offering this convenience to the consumer.

You won’t be disappointed in the end result for your product to hit the market, contact Perfect Automation to set up a custom consult today.

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