Horizontal Side Sealer Wrapper

Our range of Horizontal Side Seal Wrappers are specially designed, allowing for an extensive range of products to be packaged covering a vast range of sectors including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, plastics, and the food industry. With the Star Evo range of Horizontal Side Sealers, unique packaging of large and irregular-shaped products can be achieved with single or multipacked packaging options and is sophisticatedly built with technology that produces tight packs saving on film and energy.


Horizontal Side Sealer

The STAR EVO Horizontal Side Sealer offers a compact solution for large and irregular-shaped products such as pizza, broccoli, lettuce and even offers the flexibility of being paired with a heat shrink tunnel, allowing for packaging multiple products to be packaged for a uniformed and secure solution. 

Intermittent Product Rate:
Product Size:
STAR EVO 500 65 packs/min Width: 400mm
Height: 300mm Optional 450mm
STAR EVO 600 65 packs/min Width: 500mm
Height: 300mm Optional 450mm
40 packs/min Width: 700mm
Height: 300mm

Waste Consumption

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their wastage footprint however with plastic products and packaging being integral in everyday life, only 14% of this is being recovered/recycled. The machinery market is constantly working on innovative ways to reduce film wastage and energy consumption, Perfect Automation have partnered with CompostMe with this sole purpose in mind, “reduce 100% wastage”.

CompostMe is the very first Australian company to have certified home compostable packaging material that isn’t just compostable but meets Australian standards for the food packaging industry, offering longer shelf life and packaging formats not previously available with home compostable films. Find out more.